Hi. I am a freelance teacher, offering online tutoring via Skype. I am also available to meet in person with students who can meet me in Berkeley, California.



I offer academic tutoring in the following subjects: physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, math, statistics, economics, finance. For more information, click here.


The fee is $70/hour. I do not offer any discounts.


I charge by the hour, not by the person. This means that I charge the same total fee regardless of how many students participate in each session, so that you can participate in a session along with other students and split the $70/hour fee with them. For example, the charge for a meeting with two students would be $35/hour for each student; the charge for a meeting with three students would be $23.33/hour for each student; etc. As many students as you like can participate in each session, whether the session is in-person or online. For Skype sessions with multiple students, it is fine for each student to be using a different computer.


Each session is two hours long.



I only work with students who have ample time to study between tutoring sessions. At the beginning of each session, I will quiz the student on material covered in previous sessions. We will not move on to new material until the student has demonstrated mastery of the previous material.


I do not give direct assistance with specific problems from homework assignments, lab reports, or class projects. Instead, I cover concepts and problem-solving techniques so that the student can complete assignments on their own.



I record all sessions and post them to YouTube. For recordings of previous sessions, click here.


For in-person tutoring, when we are working on practice problems, the student will use a digital drawing tablet (provided by me), so that this work can be included in the video. After the session, I will send the student a printable document containing this work for the studentís notes.


For Skype tutoring, after our first session, if you decide you want to schedule further sessions, you will need to purchase a digital drawing tablet (unless you already own one) to use when we are working on practice problems, so that I can see your work on the problems during the sessions and so that this work can be included in the videos. I suggest this one: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet (CTH480)



My availability can fluctuate suddenly and unpredictably. I cannot give advance notice for when I will be unavailable. I do not guarantee availability and may become temporarily or permanently unavailable, without notice, at any point during the semester.



You can contact me at steven@freelance-teacher.com.